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Is Clever RX insurance?
Why should a client use a Clever RX card if they have insurance?
Where is Clever RX accepted?
How much money can a client save on prescriptions with Clever RX?
Will my clients be charged for using Clever RX?
What if a pharmacist won’t accept Clever RX?
How do I get paid for referring individuals to Clever RX?
Are there any charges with printing the RX Savings cards?
Are there any charges I should expect as the broker?
How often will I receive reporting on my clients or referrals?
Does the process require a paper prescription that the consumer can take to their pharmacy of choice?
Can reporting be set up for multiple agents in the same agency?
Does Clever RX always switch to the generic or are there brand name coupons available, too?
How do clients download the Clever RX app? From the webpage that Clever RX creates for me or from the app store?
Does this work with
mail order drugs?
Are there any HIPAA concerns for the reporting that's sent to agents?
Does this work for individuals who are under or over age 65?
My doctor’s office always asks me where I want my prescription sent. How do I answer that if I don’t know yet where the least expensive prescription will be?
If I use the sharing function on the Clever RX app, does that automatically pass along my group and ID member with it? And if a person shares my codes with a friend, does it still transfer my information?

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Clever RX FAQ for Brokers!

Last Updated 7/15/19

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