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Got questions? We have answers!

Simply hover over the questions below to find answers to the most commonly
asked questions about Clever RX.

Is Clever RX insurance?

No, Clever RX prescription savings card is not insurance. However, your clients can use the Clever RX card regardless of if they have insurance or not. Prescription drug prices can be a lot more than they expect, even if they do have insurance. With Clever RX, they can save extra money on their prescriptions at no additional cost to them.

Why should a client use a Clever RX card if they have insurance?

Even with the best health insurance plan, when clients go to the doctor, they most likely still have some out-of-pocket costs. Clever RX has negotiated prescription discounts on your clients’ behalf to save them additional money. Also, some pharmaceuticals may not be covered by their insurance, or their deductible may be too high. Clever RX to the rescue!

Where is Clever RX accepted?

Clever RX is accepted at exceptional pharmacies nationwide – including major chains like CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walmart, and many more!

How much money can a client save on prescriptions with Clever RX?

Clever RX has negotiated exclusive discounts on RX prescriptions and pharmaceuticals saving them up to 80% off retail.

Will my clients be charged for using Clever RX?

Nope, Clever RX is free for them to use. The only thing they’ll experience is a potential savings at the pharmacy!

What if a pharmacist won’t accept Clever RX?

Let’s give the pharmacist the benefit of the doubt. Mistakes happen, but they can accept a client’s savings card for applicable RX discounts. If a client runs into any issues, have them give us a call at (888) 879-7336. Clever RX is here to advocate on their behalf. 

How do I get paid for referring individuals to Clever RX?

As a current user of Clever RX, any person you refer will be given a specific code that will be tied back to you. That way, Clever RX can track your referrals and fairly compensate you for being clever.

Are there any charges with printing the RX Savings cards?

Clever RX has access to a print vendor with competitive pricing. Though pricing depends on volume, a rough estimate is $24 for 250 cards, $36 for 500 cards, and $42 for 1,000 cards. However, the app is the recommended method of usage as it has the most up-to-date discounts on prescription drugs. 

Are there any charges I should expect as the broker?

Clever RX has an industry-leading compensation program. Clever RX does not charge to use their services and relies on agents and individuals to spread the word – they rely on you and do not go direct to the consumer.

How often will I receive reporting on my clients or referrals?

Reporting can be done on a monthly basis or a more frequent interval – let Clever RX know what you’d prefer and we’ll make it happen!

Does the process require a paper prescription that the consumer can take to their pharmacy of choice?

 No it does not. The process is the same as any other tool to pick up a prescription (a doctor calls in a script or writes a paper one). If you find a better price at another pharmacy using the Clever RX app, simply call your
doctor’s office and let them know you’d like to change pharmacies. This is a common request and your doctor’s office will do it for you.

Are there any HIPAA concerns for the reporting that's sent to agents?

No, the reporting does not show specific consumer information so there are no HIPAA concerns whatsoever. 

Can reporting be set up for multiple agents in the same agency?

 Yes, each agency receives a group and member number. Agents within the agency who want reporting can set up different numbers in order to distinguish them on the reporting.

Does this work for individuals who are under or over age 65?

Clever RX works for those over the age of 65 and under 65. Data has shown many drugs on Clever RX that beat the Medicare Advantage and Part D pricing. It’s important to note that pricing on these drugs can change so it’s worth it to price drugs on Clever RX every time. 

Does Clever RX always switch to the generic or are there brand name coupons available, too?

If there is a direct generic, Clever RX will automatically convert the drug to the generic equivalent. There is a button that will allow you to price the brand. To access it, simply click, “price brand.”

My doctor’s office always asks me where I want my prescription sent. How do I answer that if I don’t know yet where the least expensive prescription will be?

Best practice is to have the Clever RX app installed on your phone so you can price the drug at the physician. If you price the drug after you leave, you can call your physician’s office and request that they move the prescription to the lower priced pharmacy. 

How do clients download the Clever RX app? From the webpage that Clever RX creates for me or from the app store?

Clients should download the app from your custom link. If you direct them to the app store, make sure they enter your group ID and member ID to enable tracking. 

Does this work with
mail order drugs?

Not yet but that will be part of a future development. 

If I use the sharing function on the Clever RX app, does that automatically pass along my group and ID member with it? And if a person shares my codes with a friend, does it still transfer my information?

Yes. The sharing function will automatically tie the group and member number back to you, the source. 

Looking for a PDF of the Agent FAQs?

Click Here to Download the
Clever RX FAQ for Brokers!

Last Updated 7/15/19

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